With our extensive knowledge and experience in the trucking industry, we understand that our customers need cost effective advertising to sell or buy their semi trucks and semi trailers. This is where Semi Truck and Trailer excels above our competitors. We make it easy for our dealers to post their semi trucks or trailers inventory on our website. With your My Account page, you can manage your trucks and trailers and this is not the end of your ad! With our newsletter, we send your inventory to end buyers and sellers via multiple channels, ensuring they are aware of your semi trucks or semi trailers for sale.

To our website visitors, we made our site searchable from the home page, so they can quickly look for the equipment they need. To accommodate quick buys or sales, they can search by state for what is available in each state. Easy navigation is key to better ad browsing, we ensure our customers ads get the results they are looking for.

As a concierge service for buyers, who answer 10 questions, when equipment matches their criteria is listed, we email them immediately. This ensures both buyers and sellers are being matched as quickly as possible. Selling or buying your semi truck or trailer is Semi Truck and Trailer ultimate goal always with our customers best interests in mind.

Contact Semi Truck and Trailer via email at sales@semitt.com or give us a call at 480-257-5894. One of our associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Advertisement Options with Semi Truck & Trailer:

  • Banner Advertisement with monthly plans.
  • Banner advertisement with PPC plans.
  • Monthly Subscriptions for Dealers for limited and unlimited ad listings.
  • Monthly Subscriptions for Equipment owners.
  • Newsletter Advertisement & Promotions.

Our website is smartphone friendly, so no matter from which phone a visitor is navigating our site, they will see your advertisement in Semi Truck and Trailer.

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